Muslin Face Cloths

Our muslin face cloths are manufactured according to our customers’ requirements.  The weave dimension, stiffness and shade of the material and the over-locking style can be selected to suit the product and brand.  Packaging can be designed and supplied.

Terry Towelling

terryTerry cloth is used in our bathroom and spa products such as cleansing mitts, baby towels, shave towels, flannels and beauty headbands.  All our towelling products are made to order, incorporating our customers’ specific requirements of branding and detailing.


From simple cotton shoppers to intricate beach totes and from simple draw string pouches to beautiful cosmetic bags.  A variety of fabrics can be used from  fine cotton to heavy calico.  Our customers can choose the detailing; colour, size, zips, pockets, ribbon, print ….the options are plentiful.

Food Industry

foodWe have supplied food grade fabric to the food industry for over 30 years and have a full understanding of how fabric that is in direct contact with food must be treated.  Our fabric is used both as decorative food packaging and in food production, for example as a filter medium.  The natural beauty of our fabric alongside it’s practicality means it is used in a myriad of ways, including muslin-wrapped Christmas puddings, bouquet garni bag, cheese production – draining and wrapping, lemon wraps and for many other catering purposes.

Rolled Fabric

We also stock our regular lines for immediate delivery – gauze, mull, muslin, canvas and calico.  We offer a range of qualities, widths and make-ups.  Fabric is often bespoke-finished to our customers’ specification; dyed, flame retarded, starched or coated.  We regularly supply to haberdashers, dressmakers, set designers, printers, manufacturing stationers and restorers.


We can also develop and commission-manufacture packaging for your product.