Planting of centenary tree

Abraham Holtz started trading textiles from a stall on Whitecross Street market in the 1850s.  He rented rooms above a shop on the street in which he and his growing family lived.

In 1864 the lease on the Whitecross Street shop came free and he brought the business in from the street.

Abe, later joined by his oldest and youngest sons Henry and Maurice, supplied the many local manufacturing stationers and bookbinders with coated fabrics which were used to make files, deed wallets and account books for the City of London banks and law firms just down the road.

Henry’ sons Leslie and Percy joined the firm in the early 20th century followed in the 1930s by their cousin Philip.

Philip’s son Brian Holt came in after national service in 1954 and spent 45 years in the business. His son Simon joined after a number of outside sales-related roles in 1990 and leads the firm today.